Information about how and what we do

Kritz started its activity in 1976 with a major participation in the Belgian recording business.
3 recording studios were build between 1976 and 1987. In 1991 Kritz decided to go into the musical instrument business and started a large research and development plan to update musical instruments and Commercialise them. Kritz focused its know-how towards the electric guitar.
From 93 up to now, many solutions to tuning and sound problems were realised. This resulted in unseen instruments. Now, some are world’s most sought-after instruments. From the beginning we already decided to use all digital means possible to achieve one goal: try to make a guitar that one can “feel” Without influencing the feelings of the musician. For this we needed to be very selective. So, we use computers only for high precision jobs. Not for fast jobs. We use composite materials only for their properties and not because they speed up production. We do not listen to tales, legends or guitar stories. We do not follow trends or designs. Nevertheless, we respect the wishes of the guitarist. So don’t expect plastic guitars or space shuttle bodies. Our changings always are “careful”. We sometimes do “reverse research”. That is the old principle of “trial and error” + the “answer why”: we make the craziest things out of an idea. Then we try it, until we hear something “unusually” nice. We trace the origin of this sound and we apply this new “whatever-it-is” on one of our existing, Kritzguitars. This is how the 4Everneck, the Smile frets, the Kritzwood, the Blower pickups, the Complex radius and our Kritz Intonation Compensation (K.I.C) became reality. The reason for this “reverse research” generates from the fact that we cannot make a bar graph of a musicians “feeling”. We have no computers who can tell us what a “nice” guitar sound is. So we must take the best out of everything and put it all together.If you design computer software, you do it with a 0 and a 1.A guitar can be made with computers, but it always has to become a good instrument. So the instrument will always have to caress our inside feelings. We will look at it, touch it, play it hear it and feel its vibrations. We will expect it to give us the music that our brains want to express. That is where we become involved. The right combination of different woods. The right pickups for the right musical style. So many details that make the difference. Our guitars are made to express exactly what you feel inside. Always, everywhere.

That’s why they sound like no other guitar on earth.