Ordering information

We usually work directly with our clients. For payment we create a link between your and our bank. Every E-mail that we receive is different. We have no fixed forms with fixed possibilities. If you wish to order, we want to know your wishes one by one! 
So, we also can work openly and securely and in confidence with your bank. Problems? Shoot… we will try to find the best for you! So, to avoid mistakes and to work with security in a private context it is better that you send us your requirements and wishes by e-mail. We will study your aims with all the attention needed and answer you accordingly without any obligation. 
We will give you our account information to do the payment as an International Money order, at the moment that you wish to order a well-agreed and satisfactory deal. You can find a lot of standard information with our different guitar examples. 
If you wish something in between, we will try to work it out. Remember, the more info we get from you the better guitar we can make for you.

If you get serious, we always need: Your name, your address, your phone number, your detailed order, your delivery instructions.