Value for money

Every Kritz has its own technical data sheet with all specs on it. It goes together with the guitar. Every older Kritz ever made can still be remade (special order) because the specs are archived. No models disappear.
It is impossible to have them all in stock. In 1993 the first Kritz guitars were launched. Few were made in these days. Prices were around 1000 euro. Now, some ten years later, the same model is priced around 2200 euro.
The value of the old ones is even the double, because of their rarity. And still it is under priced compared to the high quality guitars that are distributed. Indeed, we are proud to offer guitars that normally, if sold in shops, would be priced the double. Building a Kritz takes 40 to 60 hours of time.
Most of this goes into the wood selection, the sanding, finishing, the wiring and the adjustment. All this is handwork and is done in our country.
(No children’s labour or low paid labour involved). Add to this the R&D, the NC machine work, the hardware, the electronics, all equipment + administration and you can see that our guitars are without competition. This is because expenses stop here. Normal channels would double this price.
Expenses as: importers, distributors and ect… are minimalised.
We don’t. We supply from scratch within 8 weeks.