Worldwide distribution via Internet

We give most information needed on the Internet site. If you need more details and want to go into customising, then we are there to give you advice. You cannot find us in shops. Nowhere. Our product is too specialised and too personal to sell it like some amp or DVD. That’s why we decided to sell directly to the artists.
It saves a lot of money for the interested and we have the necessary direct contact with the ones we serve.
The world became so small since we have the Internet… So, just like we did with our guitars, we took no compromise for the sale. You can’t stop evolution. Direct sale is our thing. Directly “the best” in everything, and this is also the same for the price. We always advise: compare, compare… plug-in and plug-out when you go into a store.
They all gleam, but do they also steam? You don’t have to buy and resell 10 guitars before you find the one that fulfils your demands.

I am sure a Kritz will do.