– New design

  – Ultra light : 1.9 kg

  – Optimal heavy rock sound

  – Super low string position

  – Very stable : never goes out of tune

  – Simple and easy to service

  – Includes all Kritz inventions

  – Budget price due to its simplicity


The new Kritz Stagebeast guitar is “made in Belgium”. It is completely built in our workshop. We also do the electronics, the adjustment and the setup. The pickups are developed by Kritz and are handwound in our workshop. The neck is made out of maple or mahogany wood and reinforced with carbon.  All tools for processing and repair are also available in our workshop. This guarantees a fast and complete service.



The tuners are made exclusively for Kritz with extra light Pearloid handles.



The nut only has the function to keep the strings at the right distance from each other. It does not regulate string height. The correct string height is determined by the zero fret. This deduplication of the string tension makes tuning much more accurate and also a lot more stable

A zero fret is the correct way to achieve a low string height that is identical to the other frets. The open strings sound the same as the pressed strings.


Smilefrets (TM)

     Another invention of Kritz Guitars

The inked fingerprint on a fingerboard shows three rounded edges that form a curve. The smilefrets give you more comfort and require less pressure to take Barré chords. This results in less finger fatigue during long sessions. Smilefrets also look friendlier. This is the reason why we use them also with our 4 and 5 basses. Hence:: “for the friendly looks”

Stagebeast SB211


Kritz Intonation Compensation

KIC(TM) is a Kritz invention

When playing, the strings are pressed between the frets to the fingerboard, at an angle. This creates an extra tension that raises the tone. The zero fret is the lowest fret. There is no pressing behind that position So,.that zerofret tone never increases and is therefore always a bit lower compared to the other pressed strings. The combination of open and pressed strings (for open chords) therefore results in an incorrect tonal relationship. That’s why we’re repositioning the zero fret. Result: A Kritz guitar sounds completely clear, even with open chords.

Compound radius

The best key to take chords easily is a strongly curved key with, for example, a curve (part of a circle) of 24 cm radius . The best fingerboard to play fast riffs without fret buzz is a flatter fingerboard with eg 36 cm circle radius. Because chords are mainly taken on the lower part and riffs on the higher region, we have equipped our F-board with a compound or graduated surface radius.

This means that the rounding of our keys ranges from a 9.5-inch curve at the head to a 14-inch curve at the body. This allows you to press the strings up more intensely during the riffs, without any stringbuzz, higher up, faltering on a too convex curve. This is especially important with the B and G string. In that way you can easily play both riffs and chords on the same key, without string buzz.


The 4EverNeck (TM)

an unique patented Kritz invention


The cause of the constant detuning of many guitars is the interaction of the tension between the strings and the neckwood. The neck moves because of the string tension versus the temperature fluctuation.  70 Years ago  guitar designers tried to stabilize the problem with a adjustable control pin (trussrod). However, the bend obtained is never correct because the neck can bend just about anywhere. The result is always that there are two opposing and constantly varying tensions in various places.

The only valuable solution is a neck that is completely rigid and unbendeable. We have therefore designed our own neck with a carbon reinforcement. This neck still consists of 95% wood to preserve the sound timbre. It is unbending due to the carbon. The neck is 100 times more stable than a  neck with a rod. Our CNC machine can produce a neck that is completely straight and stays straight for ever  Result: a stable neck that does not goes out of tune. It has an additional advantage : There is much more sustain with a wider sound field. There are never dead spots because there is no foreign material (metal truss rod) present that can hinder the free vibrations. Hence: Carbon is a fibre and has an almost identical vibration pattern compared to wood  to wood


Second life: old wood is indispensable

We only use wood that is more than 50 years old because only the resins and moisture  of such aged wood is fully dry and cured.  In this way we achieve the unique vibrations in the very hard neck wood that we are so proud of.


Pickguard made of wood

The sound recording of    the   guitar element does   not  only  comes  from  the  magnetic vibrations, but is also 20% acoustically active. These sound vibrations originate from the bodywood and ends up in the pickups via the pickguard. You can partly hear this via the amplifier.


Stagebeast SB211

Ultralight construction

In addition to our 4Everhals, the body has also been tinkered with. Due to the use of light woods, together with our carbon technology, our instruments are built super light. This Kritz guitar weighs 1900 grams! The guitar feels super light. It remains very strong and durable due to the application of the necessary reinforcements in all necessary places. This gives you unprecedented playing comfort. Even long performances or tiring studio work become a piece of cake. Then you sometimes say: “My back thanks you!”


Stagebeast SB211


Stagebeast SB109

Kritz Stagebeast SB109 Details

Stagebeast SB202

Kritz Stagebeast SB202 Details

Stagebeast SB909

Kritz Stagebeast SB909 Details

Stagebeast SB211

Stagebeast SB211
Kritz Stagebeast SB211 Details
Kritz Stagebeast SB211 Details
Kritz Stagebeast SB211 Details