Stradovarius Hollowbody

Fly away with your dreams …
and taste


The warmth of flame Maple
The rich brilliance of Ebony
The crystalline clarity of Spruce
The fullbodied tone of Cedar


Our guitar family is becoming increasingly orchestral, with more opportunities to explore sonic territories. This new hollow electric proves that even high-volume heretics can appreciate what a hi-tech, NC-designed hollow body guitar has to offer.
The Kritz SJ 202 is a streamlined, 70 mm deep, lightweight instrument. The combination of the lightweight soundwood and our carbon technology makes this guitar very special. Top and back are made out of 20 mm solid, figured soundwood, carved into thin, arched soundboards Internally, they touch nothing except the tailpiece reinforcement, the contour and the neck pocket area.
The Liftop design eliminates all bracings or center blocks inside. This Hi-tech construction yields a light, resonant body. The Liftop technology gives the guitar a typical vintage character with tons of sustain and a wide range of incredible sounds. The elimination of unwanted feedback became reality with the invention of the Kritz pickup.

The SJ 202 is available in different versions:

      1. SJ 202 Standard:
        With 2 passive Kritz humbucker pickups.
        Both pickups are switchable in real single coils.

        1 Master volume.
        2 Push-Pull sub volumes for sound creation.
        1 Toggle switch.


      2. SJ 202AP (piezo for acoustic sounds):
        With 2 active Kritz pickups.
        Both switchable in real single coil.
        1 Master volume for magnetic pickup.
        2 Push-Pull sub volume for sound creation.
        1 Master volume for piezo.
        3 internal tone settings for piezo.
        1 Toggle switch for magnetic pickup settings.
        The magnetic pickup sound and the piezo pickup can be mixed towards one amp.


      3. SJ 202M (Midi system (build in)):
        All features of the SJ 202 standard with kritz midi system.

        1 Switch up / down (programs).
        1 Switch 3-way (midi-mix-guitar).
        1 13 pin connector for midi-cable.

      4. SJ 202APM:
        Contains all previous features.

Product Catalogus Legend 

S = Stradovarius, Large Body Type
x = Brigde Pickup
x = Middle Pickup
x = Neck Pickup
t = Tremolo Bridge

Nr 0 = No Pickup
Nr 1 = Single Coil Pickup
Nr 2 = Humbucker Pickup
Nr 9 = P90 Pickup
SD = Synthesizer Driver



Stradovarius Hollowbody SJ202 Details
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Stradovarius Hollowbody SJ202 Details
Stradovarius Hollowbody SJ202 Details
Stradovarius Hollowbody SJ202 Details


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