The guitar of the new generation.

For many years, I was looking for an affordable, supergood sounding guitar.
In order to find such a guitar it was necessary to search in all corners of the world…
The “exceptional -series- guitar” that, for some unknown reasons, sounded much better than its 99.999 brothers, was very hard to find. Then I started building guitars.
I studied these “unknown reasons” for many years. I found the answers to those mysteries. Now I can make 99.999 exceptional guitars.
Many artists are still looking for the one-and-only good sounding guitar. Some are even giving fortunes for it. Now, I suppose, this search has become a waste of time and money. I can make “your-only-guitar-in-the-world” with our Kritz design, well build, comfortable, good sounding and reliable!
No… you don’t dream… Actually, even the price is undersized.

Studybeast I

Kritz Studybeast I Details