The guitar of the new generation.

For many years, I was looking for an affordable, supergood sounding vintage guitar.
In order to find such a guitar it was necessary to search in all corners of the world…
The “exceptional -series- guitar” that, for some unknown reasons, sounded much better than its 99.999 brothers, was very hard to find. Then I started building guitars.
I studied these “unknown reasons” for many years. I found the answers to those mysteries. Now I can make 99.999 exceptional guitars.
Many artists are still looking for the one-and-only good sounding vintage guitar. Some are even giving fortunes for it. Now, I suppose, this search has become a waste of time and money. I can make “your-only-guitar-in-the-world” with our Kritz design, well build, comfortable, good sounding and reliable!
No… you don’t dream… Actually, even the price is undersized.

Product Catalogus Legend 

VS = Vintech Strat Style Body
VT = Vintech Tele Style Body
x = Brigde Pickup
x = Middle Pickup
x = Neck Pickup
t = Tremolo Bridge

Nr 0 = No Pickup
Nr 1 = Single Coil Pickup
Nr 2 = Humbucker Pickup
Nr 9 = P90 Pickup
CS = Custom Shop
SD = Synthesizer Driver



Kritz Vintech VS111t Details


Kritz Vintech VS211t Details
Kritz Vintech VS211t CS Details


Kritz Vintech VS212t CS Details


Kritz Vintech VS219 Details


Kritz Vintech VT109 Details
Kritz Vintech VT109 Details
Kritz Vintech VT109 Details
Kritz Vintech VT109 Details


Kritz Vintech VTE100n Details