Human test

Price Paid: US $2000 – 2500

Features: 9
The kritz human guitars are made in Belgium and this is a rather different type of guitar!
The luthier Fritz uses very old wood. At this moment he buys wood that he’s intends to use in about 2020! Some (more custom) guitars are build of 90 year old oak, mahoganey, … top class!!
Most guitars feature a flames or quilted or birds eye maple top and a softer type of body. The neck can be made of softer woods too as they are reinforced from the inside with graphite, these necks are very stiff, even with softer kinds of wood!
Kritz offers the most popular configurations, H+H, S+S+S, Tele neck pickup and a Bridge Humbucker/Bridge tele single coil. 3 or 5 way switches or andersen type of elctronics. Just ask for it! The pickups are made by Seymour Duncan and are all passive and the normal tone and volume controls are present.
The human guitar had a small but rather thick body shape. From the sides towards the bridge it gets thicker. This isn’t the 12034th strat but a more ergonomical design that feels very comfortable.
Bridge styles: tune-o-matic – tele style or the traditional whammy bar.
The head shape resembles a litlle bit on that of ernie ball but it’s more like a teardrop.
The nut is a combination of ebony and graphite and it’s twice the size of a normal nut and a zero-fret (23 frets).
I don’t remember the type of tuners (I only tested the guitar twice in the music shop!).
The scale is 26 inch! and the frets are SMILING FRETS, Yes indeed they are shaped like this “)”. It’s unusual but plays like butter, you can reach further and with less effort. This is the design for the next millennium! It plays great!
The neck shape is asymmetrical: fat and round on the thumb side and more v-shape on the other side. It fits right in the palm of your hand.
If you have the chance to test one, please do, this guitar is HUMAN, it feels so natural, no resistance at all!!!
Price in Belgium from 70 000 Belgian Francs ’till as expensive if you like (custom shop wishes are available on request). In $ this would be (excl. import taxes) 2000 bucks or more. It depends on the electronics, hardware, …

Sound: 10
This guitar suits all types of styles. From jazz to hard rock and more. Endless sustain and clarity. A very arm but articulate and clean sound. (It’s so difficult to describe sounds in a foreign language!)
I tried a guitar with 2 humbucker with coilsplit and serial/parallel and phase switch, tons of variety!
This guitar is silent, no disturbing sounds or whatever.

Action, Fit, & Finish: 9
Although the smiling frets demand a litlle adjustment in your playing style, you’ll get used to it very quickly. Due to the larger scale the string tension a bit more heavy, but you’ll get a better sound.
The action: low to very low, no further comment
These guitars are built by a luthier, the man himself controls every step! beautiful finish on dito wood!

Reliability/Durability: 9
As the guitars are reinforced with graphite (all the way from the neck ’till the headstock and on custom models the body too). They look and feel very durabel and reliabel.

Customer Support: N/A
I don’t know.

Overall Rating: N/A
A new design, very ergonomical, a good sound and build to last. I wish it had a floyd rose or a wilkinson than it was perfect for my needs.

Submitted by Wouter Ectors at 09/28/1999 03:22


Features9 (1 response)
Sound10 (1 response)
Action, Fit, & Finish9 (1 response)
Reliability / Durability9 (1 response)
Customer SupportN/A (1 response)
Overall RatingN/A (1 response)

Bron: Harmony central, September 1999.