Kritz Stradovarius H202

Price Paid: € 3500

Purchased from: N/A

Features: 10

Amazing guitar! Hand made in Belgium, this one is a Custom one. You ask and you have! Incredible:

– Pickups:

Neck Pickup : SH-11 Custom Custom, Seymour Duncan
Bridge Pickup : SH-11 Custom Custom, Seymour Duncan

– Hardware : Gold
– Scale : 26″ !!!!
– Smile Frets (waow! so good to play with that)
– KIC : New, accurate calculation of the Smilefret (TM) positions. Pure, open string chords. Accurate intonation in the highest fretpositions. The lower Smilefret (TM) positions are calculated in a way that the player obtians an equal tone balance.

– Small Head
– Zero Fret
– Tuning keys : Gotoh Height Adjustable Post Magnum Lock
– Nut blanks : Kritzwood (TM)
– Nutwidth : 1 3/4″
– Neck : Asymmetric (TM), 4Ever (TM)
– Neck wood : Bird’s-eye Maple
– Fingerboard wood : Rio Palissander
– Fingerboard radius : Complex radius
– Fretwire : Standard
– Smile Block Dots in Pearl
– Body Type : Small
– Wood top body : Bird’s-eye Maple
– Wood back body : Solidwood (Softwood)
– Inlay : K-logo in Abalone + Blue Pearl inlays in the volume and Tone Knobs
– Switches : Superswitch (5 positions)
– Additional switch single coil / Humbucker operation : yes (push pull)

This guitar has a very little body, very confortable.
The wood is amazing, superb! Really beautiful… And the quality is there for the body wood and the neck wood too! (i never saw a so beautiful neck).
Look at this picture to see what i’m talking about! Mine has the blue pearl inlays but in other way, it’s the same guitar (+/- of course, my wood is more beautiful ;p)
I would give 11/10 if it was possible… Really a great work here.

Sound: 10
I play a bit of everything, from blues to jazz to metal to rock… And this guitar is perfect for all these styles.
Incredible sustain! It never ends! (26″ scale!)
The sound looks like a Strato sound but warmer, smoother…
The 5 positions selector does his job very well with these pickups. You can do what you wanna do with this instrument.

Action, Fit, & Finish: 10
Once again, perfect.
The finish is superb. Never played before on a so beautiful guitar.
The action is very (!) low.
The wood is very good… and with this custom model, you can choose what you want! They have everything.

Reliability/Durability: 10
Never had a prob with this instrument… and i will never have one! F & A Valcke at Kritz are very friendly guys (see below).

Customer Support: 10
I wrote some emails to Kritz and F & A Valcke answered immediatly. Very friendly.
It’s the same when you go to visit their workshop. Very helpful and instructive.

Overall Rating: 10
A perfect guitar for me. Incredible work of art. Beautiful sound, quality and work.
I would cry and cry and cry if my guitar was stolen… 🙂
I am lucky, i live in Belgium, not too far from their workshop but you can find their guitars all around the world.
I have and had a lot of guitars (Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, Takamine, PRS, Jacobacci, etc.) and amps (Fender Twin 1970, Orange OR120 1972, Marshall…).
I, now, play on Ibanez, Gibson and Kritz, thru a Mesa Boogie Triaxis pre amp, a Mes 2:90 Power amp, a BOSS GT5 effects processor, Marshall and Mesa Cabinets and, without a doubt, the Kritz guitar is the one i prefer. So perfect!

11/10! 🙂

Submitted by Cedric Weiss at 09/15/2002 04:05

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Bron: Harmony central, September 2002.