Vintech STD Tele Stagebeast

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The 2021 Kritz Professional Stagebeast Guitar

Made on the occasion of 45 years of Kritz and 25 years of guitar building.

With the new 2021 Kritz Tele professional you have a 3-in-1 guitar.

A strat sound, with the known intermediate positions, a Tele sound, the Twang due to the bridge pickup built in metal, but also 3 completely new breathtaking sounds where the cabling makes completely new sounds, as it were.

Three Ceralnico wound pickups, a 5 way slide switch + a push-pull pot provide 8 super sounds. Eight sounds that are all super useful for all imaginable styles. N/N+M parallel/M/M+B parallel/B/N+B in series/N+M+B in series, in combination with the usual 5 position slider.

Hyper-quiet electronics.

In order to optimally combine such a guitar with the effects pedals that one many use, it was necessary to completely rethink the cabling.

The Pickups are wound with 10,000 turns, which lowers  the resonance frequency and thus the sound quality..

Precise copper shielding, elements and cabling give you a crystal-clear sound.

The Pickups are now wired as they do with studio equipment: 2 hot leads and 1 ground. It is called symmetric wireing.  This was indispensable to create the exceptional sounds: in phase and out of phase. 

This guitar also contains the many inventions that Alexander and Fritz have developed and applied over the years, such as:

The 4Ever neck, carbon reinforced, for the ultimate “node-free” reproduction of the guitar tone and stability so that bending the neck and thus, the detuning of the strings are a thing of the past. This gives you optimal playing comfort with long sustain and a low action. Gone is  the tuning after every song during gigs or studio work. This inconvenience and the voting box may be put away.

The Smilefrets, for easy pressing of barre chords. Note : Straight frets are also available for those who don’t want to change the tradition. 

KIC : the perfect combination of open chords and barre chords cannot be found on most guitars. By applying a zero fret in an altered 0 position, we were able to achieve the ideal union between  both open and barre chords. They sound flawless and no imperfection in sound is heard. An extra correction of the G-B-E bridge saddles ensures that we can also hear the highest notes  as perfectly correct.

The Ceralnico pickups on our guitars have been developed with the intention of mildering the excess of sustain that we obtain with the 4Everhals.   We can therefore afford to use such more powerful magnetic pickups with more stringpull. The magnetized pole rods (Alnico5), as well as in the back: 1 to 3 ceramic rod magnets make the total magnetic field super powerful. The use of a specially developed wire (normal 42 g wire with thinner insulation layer) allows us to get up to 10,000 turns on an ordinary Strat single coil PU.  More windings (overwound), a high sensitivity, stronger magnetism and therefore a lower resonance. You can guess it: A Pickup to say “Sir” to.  Due to the higher sensitivity, we are forced to use additional copper screening against interference. We do this by placing a separately grounded copper cover on the entire PU. The series/parallel circuit also obliges us to work with 2 hot leads and a separate grounding, as with professional studio material.Result: a super quiet and pure sounding  PU.

Series/Parallel The complex wireing and a Push-pull tone switch, in combination with the 5-position slide switch, offers the possibility to produce various new sounds.Through an inventive “Kritz” cabling you obtain 1/Strat sounds, by using and switching 3 elements instead of the standard 2 tele  Neck/bridge elements.2/Tele Sounds, through the use of a large bridge PU, built into the metal bridge (the famous “twang”)3/LP sounds by serially switching 2 elements (humbucker wired  like the LP and ES 335)A totally new Kritz sound (never heard before) where you get a Humbucker sound along with a Strat sound. Very tasty… A new taste that everyone will certainly appreciate.

Second life wood.  Wood is a product that has to be stored for years before it acquires the necessary properties to function as sound wood. One of the reasons is because the nutrients (including water and resins) that have crossed the growing trunk for many years must first evaporate and harden. You can still evaporate water in a short period of time with a drying oven. Resins, on the other hand, do not harden out in a few years. So to have a piece of wood that fits for a neck or body, you need to have a very old stock. It is usually not available or used up. We therefore obtain our soundwood from demolition and old furniture. Our latest technology helps us to a great extent. Because the wood serves for the sound and the carbon for the firmness. These functions are therefore split up and dosed and this leads to an long lasting  result. Trust me, there’s so much great-sounding wood in all that old furniture, beams and plank floors when you know how to treat it.  . A second life and… good news for nature. There is the fact that our guitars look never the same and also never sound the same. Their timbre is different like the sound of the human voice.   But that’s exactly what we want. Individual and personal. Everyone wants this!

Sound induction: Our new tastemaker.We managed to transpose and concentrate the entire sound of the 4Ever neck by using unidirectional glass and carbon fibers to the neck (mid and sometimes bridge) pickup positions. The pickup takes for a part the acoustic sound of body and neck because it is mounted on a carbon fiber vibrating plate and thus becomes a true sound bomb. When applying the sound induction, a special pickguard is used.  It  is completely milled and lacquered in wood laminate (ply or Kritzwood). All this results in a super heavy Jazzy neck tone and a fuller sounding instrument.

Kritz guitars have become sought after collectors’ pieces because of their high technological quality. Guitar can be tested without obligation in our workshop by appointment. The pockets for the electronics and the pickguard are completely covered with copper. Necessary because of the many interferences by electronic devices. Warranty and after-sales service. There is a guarantee on work and parts. The guitar comes with all documents, a series of professional photos. Every guitar is also registered with us and documented with photos and with a serial number. Every Kritz has a unique, stamped-in and indelible serial number.

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