Locking Keys

The Height Adjustable Post (HAPM) keys are adapable to the thickness of the headstock.
This is desirable to avoid sources of friction, giving greater tuning stability when using a vibrato device.
They lock the string in a very easy way.
The string locks into a hole in the post by a simple turn: counter clockwise.
You can lock the string in less than one turn of the post. The guitar stays perfectly in tune while playing. Due to our cabon reinforced supernecks, we obtained the perfect combination between easy string changing and accurate tuning.
The HAPM version is also adjustable in height.

Gotoh Magnum Lock is the ultimate string locking system with a simple and steady mechanism.
Eliminating the “string wraps”around the tuning machine head post is a great asset when keeping vibrato-equipped guitars in tune without the use of troublesomeclamps and fine tuners.
By locking the tsring on the post. only half a turn is required to bring most srings up to pitch, allowing the string to return to its’ original position after bending ar slackening off during dive bombing. The device is self-locking
(string is clamped in place by simple act of tuning to pitch). Tuning stability is taken to a new level with the introductie of the “Rock-Solid”. String posts on selected tuning machines heads with Magnum-lock feature.