Second life

we respect the past with new technologies.

A Kritz contains a combination of decoration and tonewood.
The decoration wood is a selection of very nice looking woods. They are recent and they have been oven dried.

The tonewood is the part that we select from old wood types of furniture, beams and planks from demolition.
A bit of a shock? But no, We build strong and super sounding guitars from this wood with our experience and technology.
Never the same and always a fight, with the necessary curiosity. Sometimes we have to be inventive to update a cut or a hole.

The goal is always to obtain an optimal sound. Very old types of wood simply have the unique property that all resins are “hardened”. You can never achieve this with a standard production, with oven drying, something that almost every manufacturer applies.
As a result, it always requires an effort to build a guitar. But believe me it pays off and is super exciting to do. Curiosity everywhere, but also sometimes one that we break down again. Second life is the explanation why a Kritz, from the same series, never looks and sounds the same. No serial work, but always an “art creation”.