Small head

The Tuning key positioning has an arrow-figure: 4 left and 2 right with the G at the top of the arrow. This results in a smaller distance between the tuning-keys and the nut. The 4/2 key positioning enables us to tune perfectly, without tuning the wrong key in stressed situations like “on stage”. Indeed, every position on the head is unique and easy to identify. The 2 outside closest keys are the E-keys. The top-of-the-arrow key is the G-key.
In between we identify the A+D TK. On the other side we have the B TK. Once used to that pattern, you never want to go back to the 6-in line situation with its confusing row of keys. It is a more stable head design. The head is reinforced with carbon-fibre for more accurate tuning.
A smaller head means also a smaller total neck length and a better balance of the guitar.