Smilefrets (TM)

The inked imprint of the underside of the forefinger (see drawing), shows that the most accurate pressing on the fingerboard causes a curve (Smilefret (TM)) instead of a straight line (normal fret).
It is evident that the Smilefrets (TM) provide you a closer more accurate forefinger imprint to play “barré” chords.

  1. More space (diagonally) between two frets = easier/cleaner chord playing.
  2. Easier bend-up’s in both directions: up to 5 semitones.
  3. Easier feeling on the fingerboard because the curved frets follow the natural finger movements.
  4. More space for soloing and for chords, even on the highest part of the fingerboard.
  5. The only guitar on which you can play pure and perfect chords above the 12th fret.
  6. Easier bottlenecking, due to the angle (5А or 10А) of the frets under the G-B-E strings.
  7. Intonation compensation (K.I.C.) for sweeter high-end sounds
  8. Even the fretslots are NC-milled and have no empty spaces under the fret wire.
    This generates a more solid fingerboard which results in more sustain.

The Smilefrets (TM) are available in 5А or 10А. This is the angle between a Smilefret (TM) and a straight fret at the fingerboard border. You only need a few minutes to get used to the difference between Smile- and straight frets