Special Kritz “Blower” pickup

  1. Sealed at high temperature (anti-feedback treatment).
  2. Handwound for natural, soft sounds with a glassy treble edge, and no peak resonance.
  3. CnC Designed fireproof high precision parts.
  4. Ceramic, Alnico II, Alnico 5 and ceralnico(TM) single coil or humbucker Pickups.
  5. Each coil of the humbucker pickup is a full single coil pickup who provides a full Scoil signal.
    The first pickup that allows real humbucking and single coil sounds (when split) in one guitar.
  6. High dynamic range.
  7. Pickup supports are made out of Kritzwood (TM). They create a stiff frame and generate a better treble response.
  8. Our Custom Shop offers full customisting. Any combination of magnets, number of turns and wire gauges is possible. Available gauges are 42, 43 and 44 (0.060, 0.055 and 0.050 mm)
  9. Of course we offer many wiring combinations for these pickups. In this way we can comply with the request of the most demanding artists. Actually we wind all imaginable pickups with ceramic, Alnico 2, Alnico 5 and even combinations of these magnets to simulate vintage pickups. We use 42, 43 and 44-gauge wire.
    In this way we can put more wire where we have less space.

What’s the difference?

The invention of the 4Everneck gave us the possibility to put soft woods into guitar necks. This advantage resulted in the building of electric guitars with very wide sound qualities, generated by the guitar itself. Until now most builders design their guitars first. Once realized, they try to find the best sounding pickup for this guitar. In fact, the pickup adjusts the sound and adds basses, mids or high frequencies where necessary.
Varying the peak resonance, proper to all industrial wound pickups, does this. In this way, you get a good sounding guitar. But the adjusted sound of the pickup will be heard in any switch situation. Compare it with light. If you take a picture in (too much) red light, you will be able to filter it after.
However you will never be able to go back to the natural colors after. “Red” will be imposed in any after-treatment. This is annoying.
If you take a picture in sunlight, all colors are present in a balanced proportion. To change photo, afterwards, in blue, red or any color one filter will do. No problems and a lot of possibilities occur. This principle was our thing.
That’s why we focused our research towards two major products:

  1. A natural sounding guitar that generates a wider sound spectrum.
  2. The Blower pickup, which reproduces all these sounds.

The combination of the two generates any sound possible, because all (audible, musical and useable) frequencies are present.
With such a guitar, you can go into any effects system and discover much more possibilities. You work with the “lights” of a professional photographer! The results are better and easier done. This is why we claim our guitars to be “professional”, That’s why you need only one Kritz (ex: the SJ219 or Vintech 212) to have most other sounds available. We make the blower pickups in our workshop. We developed a special machine that is able to help with the winding of very thin wire ( up to 45 gauge). The pickups are always wound by hand. They are sealed every 500 turns. (First sealing procedure).
This is worth the extra cost because it is the only way to flatten out the peak resonances that occur with automatic pickup winders and “after sealers”. Their acoustic feedback is close to zero!

But customizing is also possible. In this way we can adapt certain frequencies and thus accentuate the character of the guitar into a direction.
This may be important when you only play one style like: Metal or Jazz. We can also “allow” acoustic feedback by sealing less or even not. In this case only the after-seal is done (Hi-temp wax potting). With this application the pickups will take more of the “wood”- and “Air” sound. Consequences are that they will feedback more easily.