The 4Everneck (Patented) (TM)

A patented Kritz invention.

This indestructible and sturdy carbon reinforced neck has many advantages: The neck is usually made of maple wood. A complex production process is necessary due to special treatment.
He doesn’t have a truss rod. It does not contain any other product than the fibers of the wood and the carbon.
The 4Everhals never needs adjustment. Does not detune. Is and always remains straight. Long stage sessions and warm circumstances have little or no influence on the tuning. Your tuner may remain in the box during your performance.
The neck is uniresonant (i.e. it always vibrates only at 1 frequency) because of the complete omission of the metal parts and accompanying cavities. This way, dead spots can never arise. A dead point occurs when more than 1 vibration occurs in the neck. For example a certain vibration of wood and another vibration frequency through metal (this is for example the truss rod). The two or more vibrations will amplify or cancel each other according to the pitch (this is the fret position played). This has major consequences on the volume in this position as well as on the sound quality.
The neck stiffness in combination with the hand-wound pickups give the guitar an unprecedented crystal clear sound with long sustain. This allows the guitar to be equipped with the powerful Kritz Blower pickups.

The wood combination that we have to choose again and again, requires a great deal of knowledge, but always ensures a different balanced sound. Moreover: this wood is never the same and sometimes very hard as steel and therefore difficult to work. Maybe less beautiful, but it gives a unique character to every guitar creation. Editing is expensive and labor intensive 

  1. 4Evernecks are wooden necks with an internal carbon reinforcement.
  2. No visual difference with conventional necks: outside = all wood;
  3. These necks are 100 x stronger than conventional necks.
  4. Exceptional rich sound: with the possibility to use softwood and still have a brilliant sound and a very solid neck construction.
  5. Self resonance is eliminated due to the absence of a truss rod, replaced by a thin spreaded carbon layer.
  6. No glued-in graphite bars (they become loose after a certain time) or truss rods, no cavities under the fingerboard = no dead spots in the neck.
  7. Much, much longer sustain and more harmonics.
  8. 95% is wood – only 5% is pure carbon-fiber.
  9. Possibility to use softer woods = new guitar sounds.
  10. Very low weight (due to the softwood) = excellent instrument balance and new sounds.
  11. Zerofret for extra accurate and very low action.
  12. Insensible to humidity and variable temperatures: 65% of the wood (center-part) is completely (Forever) isolated from external influences (enveloped with carbon).
  13. Strings don’t go out of tune: “PNSP” (Put-new-strings-and-play…) The only guitar with wooden neck, where you can put new strings on, even 1 hour before you go on stage!
  14. Very thin, neckshape and 19mm thick (measured at the first fret).
  15. Factory adjusted.
  16. Completely stable during the tune up.
  17. Higher dynamic sound output.